"Joe is one of our favorite performers at Buddy Guy's Legends" (Buddy's world famous club) "He is Energetic, A Strong Guitarist And Always A Crowd Pleaser." -Buddy Guy

"...MOSS HAD THE AUDIENCE ROCKIN' AND JIVIN' as he moved into the crowd, entertaining them with his own brand of music"
-Chicago Tribune

"He Plays Head And Shoulders Above Contenders!"
-Vintage Guitar Magazine

One fine winter’s morning my good friend and owner of Cady’s Tavern, Robin Tyo, called to tell me she was having The Joe Moss Band come from Chicago to play at her tavern in Chepachet. “You’ve got to come check him out,” she said. All of the sudden my Facebook feed was swamped with statuses about Joe Moss. Joe was sitting in with pretty much every distinguished blues musician I knew, which made me realize that I needed to know who this Joe Moss was and what he sounded like.

Now his own band is playing right here in little Rhody and for a limited time. I knew that Joe was going to play at the Murphy’s Law blues jam after the Superbowl, and that was well within biking distance. Ben Ricci, who was running the jam, said about Moss’ band, “The band has that intense Chicago blues style, and Joe is melodically innovative and unique to form.” I couldn’t miss that, so I biked to the blues jam and hung around to ask Joe a few questions.

Katie Lewis, Motif Magazine

Feb, 2015


Few blues performers walk the walk to the degree of Chicago based guitarist/bandleader Joe Moss. One of the hardest working performers on the scene today. Not just an imitator of the music's glorious past, he strives to find his own sound and material within the styles he chooses to play. And the music world is taking notice. This year, Moss will have the honor of being inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. The band is tight, featuring some of Chicago's finest blues musicians. A talented singer, writer, and guitarist, Joe is a consistent and entertaining performer with a monster groove.

2013 Inductee into the Blues Hall of Fame!
A guitarist since the age of 10, Moss was given his passport into the blues world by Buddy Scott, who noticed Moss at a jam session at Rosa's Blues Lounge in Chicago. Soon, Moss was playing seven nights a week as a member of Buddy's Rib Tip band. Moss' guitar skills quickly became notorious on the local scene and made him an in-demand sideman. In 1996 Joe started his own band and has recorded and toured constantly to date. Some of the people he had the pleasure of playing with include: Buddy Guy, Little Milton,Willy "Big Eyes" Smith, Lurrie Bell, Zora Young, Charles Wilson, Lil' Smokey Smothers, Syl Johnson, Big Time Sarah, Barkin' Bill Smith, Lefty Dizz, Magic Slim, A.C. Reed, Billy Branch,Walter Scott, Hollywood Scott, Mike Wheeler, James Wheeler and Little Mack Simmons. Joe has backed these artists all over the world.
Joe has recorded 5 Albums with his own band The Joe Moss band.

More Press

PROMISING YOUNG TALENT STILL EXISTS ON THE Chicago blues circuit-at least if you know where to find it. If identifying the Windy City's next generation of blues standouts sounds like an intriguing quest, there's no need to look any further than the Joe Moss Band. The albums title track 'Monster Love," vividly indicates Joe's musical leanings-cool horns, percolating organ, and a funk-stained groove frame Joe's attractive vocal and stinging guitar work. "Need Your Love," "Mad Mad Mad," and "Lost My World" strike thoroughly infectious tempos, their slinky, dance-friendly bass lines recalling the years of onstage experience Moss acquired as one of Buddy Scott's Rib Tips inside fabled South Side joints such as Lee's Unleaded Blues and The Checkerboard Lounge. But when he's in the mood, Joe can grab hold of more traditional fare and wring it for all it's worth. "Love My Baby" swings with horn -fueled impunity. "So Scared" is a straight-out-of-the Delta stomper, and "Train Tracks" closes the set by proving conclusively that Joe doesn't need a band at all to get his point across. Chicago blues aficionados will want to keep a close eye on Joe Moss . The idiom needs all the help it can get as we hurtle into this new millennium with precious few legitimate young blues heroes to anticipate, and he's in a position to make a real contribution.
Bill Dahl --- JOE MOSS, "MONSTER LOVE" (212)

"HARDWORKING CHICAGO BANDLEADER JOE MOSS has come up with a monster Memphis groove, powered by three fine keyboardists, for his sophomore disc on West Dundee's 212 Records. The guitarist-vocalist, a graduate of Scotty & the Rib Tips and the brother of Chicago bluesman Nick Moss, makes a bold statement with these 11 originals and two covers (B.B. King's "Please Love Me" and Billy Myles' "Have You Ever Loved a Woman"). Although lacking somewhat in vocal range, Moss has developed a funky soul-blues sound that's perfectly suited both to his voice and his supporting personnel. "Monster Love" is the work of a skilled craftsman who already knows how to make a fine album, and likely has many more in his future.  3 1/2 STARS"
 Jeff Johnson, Chicago Sun Times

USA - JOE MOSS "Monster Love" 212 Records, 13 tracks, 1:00:45 hrs.

"This is the second release from the Chicago guitarist/singer and his band. A regular at Chicago's House of Blues and Buddy Guy's Legends, Moss is a monster showman hardly ever off a stage. Having secured his break with Buddy Scott he went on to be a sideman to many Chicago's big names, where he got to tour Europe on several occasions. Joe along with his younger brother Nick (Nick Moss & the Flip Tops), are the current young Turks on Chi-town's blues circuit who base their sound on a rich 50's Blues sound. Joe has a love for the "We Three Kings" B.B, Albert, & Freddie, with the albums two covers coming from Freddie & B.B. King, "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" & "Please Love Me". Joe has come up with a great bunch of tunes reminiscent of Johnny "Guitar" Watson, SRV, B.B./Albert & Freddie King, Roy Buchanan and a few West Coast guitarists. If you are jaded by single toned guitar players then no need for an ear syringing, "Monster Love" is at hand. Amongst Joe's soul side there is a smattering of funk also there's some honky-tonk country figures. The only complaint I have is the slightly compressed production sound, though clean enough it doesn't bristle in the same way as a top studio job. Willie "Big Eyes" Smith's son, Kenny Smith plays drums on seven tracks with no less than three keyboard players, and Dez Desormeaux providing all the horns. The band is tight with a big stage kind of sound. Those who have heard Joe's debut album know Joe wrote a song for his wife "Oh Sandra", well it's updated herein adding "03" to the titling, and it's a big rockabilly cum western swing tune. At the time of writing there are no mp3's for the new disc, but as there are samples for his previous on the bands website, then there probably will be by the time you read this - checkout Chicago is still producing Blues talent which is evident from the Moss Bros. - Blues tailoring that's a cut above the rest! .................."

Billy Hutchinson, Blues Matters Magazine UK

"Joe Moss comes from some fine blues stock. His brother is Nick Moss, leader of Chicago blues band The Flip-Tops. Joe is quite a talented singer, writer, and guitarist in his own right, and the release of "Monster Love" oughta bring him national acclaim!! Joe spent his formative years with Buddy Scott's blues band, Scotty and the Rib Tips. (See Alligator Records' "Living Chicago Blues Vol.3" for an introduction to this fine group) After Buddy's passing in 1994, Joe gigged around Chicago until setting out on his own in 1997. Joe's sound is a bit more "groove-oriented" than traditional "Chicago-style" combos, aimed to make people get up and dance! Check out the horn and organ-driven grooves of the title track and "Mad Mad Mad" for some get-on-the-floor boogie music, as well as the neat shuffle that serves as Joe's ode to his wife, "Oh Sandra '03." Joe is in tune with his roots, too. Check out "So Scared" and "Train Tracks," which sound like they came right off Highway 61. Our two favorites are an excellent slow-burnin' "Have You Ever Loved A Woman," and the rollicking, highly-danceable "Please Love Me," with some cool barrelhouse piano from Bill LeClaire backing Joe's stinging, jumping lead and dead-on vocals! If you need proof that good young talent still exists to carry on the torch of the blues, then "don't go no further" than Joe Moss and "Monster Love." Check 'em out and---ENJOY!!

Until next time..."

Don and Sheryl Crow